Premier Enviro Solutions is a social enterprise based in Freetown. Our vision is to become a leader in integrated waste management in Sierra Leone, and to subsequently expand to other countries in the region. Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable and affordable waste management solutions, with a particular focus on the types of waste that pose the most danger to public health. We aim to address three major problems in Sierra Leone:

Lack of affordable housing

92.7% of 7.8 million people in Sierra Leone live on less than $5 a day. 60% of Freetown’s population live in slums due to the lack of affordable housing. 280,000 more houses are needed in Freetown by 2028.

Widespread youth unemployment

62.5% of Sierra Leone’s population is below 25. While that creates a lot of opportunities, it is also a challenge as nearly 70,000 youths in Freetown are unemployed.

Plastic pollution of the environment

Freetown, with a population of 1.2 million, generates 90 tonnes/day of plastic waste. Only 20 of these are disposed of at dumpsites, the remaining 70 tonnes/day are either openly burnt or pollute our environment, block waterways and drains causing flooding.

Plastic 2 Build

We offer an affordable solution that addresses both the problem of plastic waste and the housing shortage. Through extensive experimentation we've discovered a perfect mix of plastic waste, sand and gravel; and developed an energy efficient, modular and highly scalable technology for producing building materials. This is a way to recover resources from the waste and produce sustainable buildings with positive ecological and social impact. Keep reading >

Hear an interview with Walid Bahsoon featured in BBC Focus on Africa episode on March 2nd 2021: